Noir et Blanc

Noir et Blanc‘s runway was dominated by geometric black and white prints that were somewhere between your grandmother’s afghan and an Aztec disco.

I can’t say I was overly enthusiastic about the repeating triangles, pyramids and waves, but the designers did have a few sequined pieces, which, personally, I loved. In the rest of the collection, the angular silhouettes verged on interesting, but unfortunately interesting isn’t always flattering. After all, isn’t that what we say about a bad blind-date? “It was… um… interesting,” which comes just after, “He was nice”.

The lines were either jutting and asymmetrical with over-sized jacket lapels, uneven hemlines and shoulder cut-outs, or the dresses were limp where they should have draped.

Excitingly enough, the makeup used in this show was actually something you might want to repeat in real life. Neutral lips disappeared into the face, which allowed the bronzy-pink eye makeup to really pop. The eye shadow covered the entire socket from below the eye all the way up to the brow, and then blended into a cheek color of a slightly less dramatic hue. It isn’t make-up you could wear to the office, but do-able enough to pull off in your bathroom and dramatic enough to be fun for a night on the town.

So what would I put in my closet?

The black sequined jacket that fell to mid-thigh. Noir et Blanc designed it with a deep v-neck and a cinched waist. It’s not always easy to pull off sequins, but this jacket is a different story–slightly gathered at the bottom and tied with a matching sash, it’s a cross between an evening dress and a sexy little bathrobe.

With good makeup and a nice pair of legs, this piece could definitely turn an outfit into a proud statement.

Posted by: Caitlin Andrews

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


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