Cheap Monday Goes All Out

After the press waited in lines that reached down the street and around the corner,  we were primed and ready to go. As we took our seats, the atmosphere was more rock concert than fashion show.

Cheap Monday opened with booming music and strobe lights that lit the M.C. Escher-type staircase, and two huge projectors showed the audience all sides of the models as they strutted up and down the stairs and runway.

There was more color in this collection than in any other show of the day, and though they used comfortable fabrics that were meant to reference a future when humans control their avatars from armchairs, the cuts and drapes of the stretchy fabrics were intentional–not lazy.

Nothing was sloppy.

Nothing was boring.

There was, of course, this season’s requisite pair of sheer trousers in a structured organza and a few pairs of tight, shiny pants, but on the whole, the collection was cocoon-like in its comfort. Everything gave the impression of warmth, while still being interesting. It gave me the feeling I could wear anything from the collection and be glad I did.

What I’d put in my closet:

One of my favorites was an alternative take on the maxi-dress. Dark gray and cut on the diagonal, it looked like the wearer was climbing out of a toga-esque cocoon. It was worn over a brightly colored shirt so that a hint of color showed at the collar. Paired with combat boots and scraped-back hair, it was anything but slouchy.

The sheer trousers are also on my wish-list since yes, they’re transparent, but the stiff fabric and extra seams around the calf set them apart and made them everyday-wearable.


Posted by: Caitlin Andrews


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