S’NOB de Noblesse: The Riding Habit That Went To a S&M Ball

I spoke with DJ Flip before slipping backstage and he told me he often collaborates with designers to create the mood they want for their collections. He takes their taste in music, fabrics, books and movies and puts together tracks that are “close to their universe.”

Apparently, S’NOB de Noblesse‘s universe is full of grimy basslines, rocking beats and sexy women…not bad.

The fabrics were lush and flowing, while the women harnessed. The runway was a clean white, while the music dirty.

S’NOB de Noblesse’s Copenhagen show continued with such contradictions as it combined fur with sequins, leather with flowing satins and powerful women with bondage.

A strong equestrian theme wove through the new collection with a frequently appearing accessory: the leather belt/necklace/way-to-keep-your-date-in-line. It was a sort of horseman’s S&M accessory, which they dressed up with crystal-studded neckwear and dressed down with feathers and fur.

Short dresses or evening gowns, clinging fabrics or yards of billowing satin–S’NOB de Noblesse never failed to accentuate the female form, a common trend I’ve noticed among Danish designers that separates them from the Swedish. Everything is a bit more titillating here, in Copenhagen–though the body may be covered, its feminine power is always on display.

So what would I put in my closet?

The piece I could imagine wearing most frequently is the long sleeve burnt-red dress with twists up the front. Sexy without being too flashy, the twists will forgive slight over-eating (let’s face it we aren’t all models), and the color is eye-catching without screaming “I’m wearing this so you’ll look at me.” I also really like it styled with gloves, as they did on the runway.

The horse harness accessory was a little hard to take in the beginning, but by the end of the show, I was sold. I’d wear the one with the fur and feather add-on, combining it with a long-waisted turtle neck and flat-front pants. Simple, but interesting–it would be the perfect piece to make a less-expensive outfit look more posh.

If you don’t mind, however, I think I’ll skip the horse hair shoes.

If you’d like to check out S’NOB de Noblesse’s previous collection click here.


Written by: Caitlin Andrews

Edited by: Elizabeth Andrews


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