Because We Look Better In It Than He Ever Did

He is a harmless voyeur that lives in No. 8.

He is a lover of female confidence, a fan of women in men’s clothing.

He is committed to his fiancé and willingly lends her his clothes.

He is an admirer of Francesca, who lives across the street.

He is a city man with a love for the country.

He is Pablo, The Man.

By Marlene Birger tells that story with her  A/W 2011 line, and don’t we want this man–this muse? Someone to love and admire us, yet let us be free. Someone who enjoys our femininity, yet accepts that we may run wild in men’s clothing. Someone who makes us the focus of his sweet voyeurism, but does not threaten…

Don’t tell me I’m alone in this?!

Well, even if it is only me, by Marlene Birger taps into my desire to be an elegant sex pot in men’s clothing. Highly tailored, there is nothing slouchy about her clothes–no boyfriend jeans here. The women in these clothes are saturated in so much womanhood that they dress like men and still ooze femininity with slicked-back hair, short dark finger nails and highly defined eye makeup. A man would never look this good! Men’s dress shirts were belted and worn over lace leggings with heels, and beautifully cut suits were sexier than they ever could be on Pablo.

By Marlene Birger lets you “steal” your beau’s cashmere sweaters because, is there ANYTHING nicer than a good cashmere sweater that smells like your man? Soft and strong. Until now, we’ve only worn that sweater around the house, but now we wear it belted and paired with leggings for an out-of-house jaunt.

The line has a  Spanish equestrian feel with saddlebag-inspired accessories, a myriad of stunning hats and leather belts with suspenders. After the S’NOB de Noblesse and by Marlene Birger shows, I’m starting to think that not only do I need a bigger closet, I need to start riding horses!

So what would I put in my closet?

I’m a big fan of the form-fitting, tuxedo-type jackets, both the shorter version that goes nicely over a men’s white dress shirt and the longer version that looks hot over a short dress.

Over the button-down shirt, I’ll keep the collar open with long earrings and a chunky ring. I’d love to wear it without pants like the second model in the runway line-up, but since I don’t want people wondering if I’ve simply forgotten my pants, I guess I’ll wear it with flat-front trousers and heels.


Meanwhile, there are sales on their current line, so go to  www.


Written by: Caitlin Andrews

Edited by: Elizabeth Andrews

Photos by Caitlin Andrews and Copenhagen Fashion Week


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  1. Posted February 7, 2011 at 6:25 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I absolutely LOVE the first and third photo of the top panel. The bright orange heels and the textured gray sweater, brilliant!

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