Goth+Mime: A Love Story

Once upon a time, a beautiful, willowy goth fell in love with a street-performing mime.

They moved to a very cold climate and had a baby.

Oh, how they loved that baby–a perfect representation of their union.

One day, they put the baby in a blender, just to see what would happen.

The result? Barbara i Gongini‘s A/W 2011 collection.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. The Barbara i Gongini show wasn’t violent, it was just…shredded.

The stage was bare, except for a series of spotlights and a pile of black clothes on the floor. A throbbing bass beat grew in the auditorium, turning to a roar that filled the air and welcomed the first model.

She walked a strange labyrinth, pausing in various spotlights as she weaved her way across the stage. One after another, these odd creatures filed out, faces absolutely colorless and bodies clothed only in black. Some of them stopped to perform–smearing themselves with black paint or dressing and undressing by the pile of cast-off clothing on the floor. One model even came out with a microphone and began to sing haunting operatic vowels.

Oddly captivating and… well… beautiful, every piece seemed to be either shredded to almost nothing or layered and puffed, practically swallowing the wearer.

Barbara pulled us into her atmosphere, drew us into the art, so that it became less of a showcase for individual pieces and more of a performance to demonstrate the mood of her newest collection.

What would I put in my closet?

Honestly, I haven’t a clue.

It was hard to know where one piece ended and another began, and I’m pretty positive none of it was really my style–but I actually think that’s irrelevant. The fashion world needs more designers like this, designers that leave you with your mouth slightly open, your brow furrowed and your head tilted to the side. THIS is what fashion is supposed to do. Otherwise, we could all shop at the Gap, right?

So what I’d really like to put in my closet is Barbara herself. Obviously a woman with something to say, she has an opinion about beauty and isn’t afraid to express it, and that’s inspiring.

Want to see what might go in YOUR closet? check out the web shop here.

Written by: Caitlin Andrews

Edited by: Elizabeth Andrews

Photos by: Copenhagen Fashion Week


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