New Talent from Beckman’s College of Design

The Milan, London and Paris shows will be exciting, adrenaline-fueled weeks of top designers’ shows, perfume launches and lively parties. They will be packed with the names we drool over while reading Vogue magazine, and yes, that’s great, but for me, the really stimulating part of my job at A Welcome Guest and as associate fashion editor of The Yak is being one of the first people to meet new, young designers.

Fashion is, after all, art. Trends are commercial, and brands must earn money, but if the designers weren’t first artists, we wouldn’t be excited about the crazy new block colors in the Louis Vutton collection or the immaculately beaded tunic by Altewai.Saome or the…well, you get the idea. We’re dressing ourselves not for practicality (we aren’t just keeping warm or clean or out of the sun), but for the sake of decoration. We use our bodies as canvases on which to paint a picture, express a mood or make a statement.

Who better to live on the edge of art than young designers?

Scandinavia is full of such fresh talent, and the last weeks spent at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week, and now back in Stockholm for Stockholm Fashion Week (yes, we, too, wondered why Stockholm had to be so difficult) has been filled with inspiring ideas. With the Beckman’s College of Design show, we had a chance to get even closer to the nest of creativity.

Students don’t have to think about marketability, so they are free to express themselves. They are even challenged to think outside the black and white box… have a look:

So what would I put in my closet?

Unfortunately, this was a student show, so none of these pieces are going into production, which means they aren’t available for purchase. They are, however, available to inspire our wardrobe and lift our hopes for a future of interesting designs. But since we’re dreaming, doesn’t every women want a skirt so big she could never sit down?

Written by: Caitlin Andrews

Edited by: Elizabeth Andrews

Photos by: Mercedes-Benz Stockholm


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