Photoshoot with Roy Rossovich of

Neither of us have much experience with snow, so we thought the flurries in the air were pretty at first. As we began slipping all over the sidewalks, we thought it was kind of funny. Then, when the layer of snow on Caitlin’s coat became thick enough to fall off in large chunks, and Elizabeth’s eyes were burning from the freezing wind and horizontal ice-needles, we began to think maybe snow wasn’t so great after all.

Stockholm’s little storm might’ve been fun if we were inside by a fireplace with a couple of hot toddies. (I don’t even know what a toddy is, but if it’s warm, it MUST be better than falling on your butt in the middle of a Stockholm intersection.) However, we had no toddies, hot or otherwise. Instead, we trekked around the city to designers’ showrooms and through the snowy blizzardy horribleness to Roy Rossovich’s studio in Stockholm for a portrait session.

The weather was less than desirable, but Roy’s studio, on the other hand, was SPECTACULAR! We had a great time shooting a few portraits before we all ventured out to lunch.

This is just a taste of what Roy does in about 5 minutes:

We have other plans in the works, too… short movies, more photos, something involving snow polo…

We will, of course, keep you posted.

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