Snowy, Comfy, Chic

I spent the majority of my day with my editor, walking along snow-plowed sidewalks and through drafty showrooms to interview designers and their publicists. We later found ourselves in an elegantly trendy bar, sitting across from an up-and-coming photographer and his producer. As we toasted to new business plans, I wondered when it was that we all got “handlers,” be they editors, producers, agents or publicists.

Actually, I only wondered that as I was looking back on the evening. What I actually wondered as I raised my glass at that teeny table surrounded by red-textured wallpaper and pumping music was if I would ever again feel my toes.

In jeans, heels and a hand-carved, skull necklace from Bali, my outfit said, “I’m comfortably trendy.” The truth, as I sipped my Bombay Sapphire martini, was that I was actually about as comfortable as a yeast infection.

The men across from me, however, were wearing black t-shirts, black jeans, black snow boots and warm black jackets. They looked intensely…well, comfortable. I started to hate them.

The photographer proudly told me that he only buys clothing once a year (10 black t-shirts and 2 pairs of black jeans) and has been wearing the same Australian-made black boot for five years.

Please don’t misunderstand me–I love dressing beautifully. I love color and shape and change. I adore cocktail dresses and new shoes, but sometimes…sometimes I just want to be comfortable. Sometimes I, too, would like to sit in a bar in the middle of a Stockholm blizzard and be cozy in a soft black shirt, thick wool socks and snow boots.


So this is what I’ve found:

An illustrator, a graphic designer and a businessman. They’ve known each other for 15 years and just recently decided to join their talents and passions with a career lifestyle. The result? Unwind Clothing, one of yesterday’s top five finalists in the Swedish Rookie of the Year competition.

It’s a brand about possibility–the possibility to do something you love with people you love and have customers (like me) love you for it. The graphics are original to Unwind Clothing, and how you choose to wear them is original to you. All the garments come with rows of buttons and button holes that enable the wearer to alter every item by pulling up the sleeves, raising the hem or tightening the waist.

As if selling their clothing internationally weren’t enough, they produce music CDs, too. With every purchase, they include a CD with their newest selection of artists, which I think is really cool and got me thinking about another musician-promoting clothing designer:

Jessie Williams at Edge of Urge is based in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. Her online shop carries brands such as Sam Edelman, Dolce Vita and Cheap Monday (another design label I saw here, in Stockholm). She also designs and prints her own t-shirts as well as promotes a new musician every month–whew, I think she needs a martini. This month, she’s promoting Bebis Ellison, who is *fantastic*. You can listen to her music and see her videos on the Edge of Urge site.

So put on your six-inch heels, zip up your flashy cocktail dress, cuddle up next to your fireplace and log onto these sites for the latest in individual comfort. You can buy their designer t-shirts and check out new music, all without leaving your cozy home.

As for me, I’m putting on a t-shirt. I’ll probably still wear it with heels and maybe even use a leather obi to cinch it in at the waist–but at least part of me is comfortable, and I call that progress.

Written by: Caitlin Andrews

Edited by: Elizabeth Andrews

Photos from: Edge of Urge and Unwind Clothing


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