The Body Shop and London College of Fashion collaborate with William Tempest

In Stockholm, the red carpet was a bright candy pink as The Body Shop and London College of Fashion unveiled their newest collaboration: “Brush with Fashion.” It’s a limited-edition line of sustainable, cruelty-free makeup, which is available for one month as of yesterday, Valentine’s Day–so you’ll have to hurry!

Each of the products includes an integrated brush, which makes making-up on the go a breeze.

There are lip glosses, cheek tints, eye shadows, an illuminating face base and, my favorite, the under-eye lightener, which sweeps away any sign of tired eyes and brightens the entire face.

The launch party was a total pink revelry with platters of darling cupcakes, flutes of champagne and models clothed in William Tempest’s Spring/Summer 2011 evening wear collection. They wore various makeup looks created exclusively with The Body Shop’s new line…with the addition of a little neon war paint that gave super feminine and flowing dresses an almost tribal feel.

(Have at look at our video interview with William, and see for yourself the Body Shop-Tempest collaboration in all its backstage and runway glory!)

The foundation, lip glosses, eyeshadow palates and under-eye lightener all come with integrated brushes, perfect to tuck in your purse or coat pocket, ready for touch-ups throughout the day–super easy. The colors are a glamorous mix of china doll pinks, corals, browns and blacks, all with a slight metallic sheen.

The illustrations for the packaging were created by Katarina Voloder, a talented young fashion illustrator, also from the London College of Fashion. She said her inspiration was a cupcake, which really seem to be in the air this season–maybe it’s a return to frivolity after months of cold gray winter and financial crises.

Written by: Caitlin Andrews

Edited by: Elizabeth Andrews

Pictures by: Caitlin Andrews


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