Vurma, Where the Staff is Cooler than You Are

With chincy wallpapers, colored lanterns and vintage-dressed mannequins seated on Victorian settees, my favorite cafe in Stockholm is best described as the result of your ex-prostitute grandmother setting up a tiki bar in the middle of snowy Sweden and populating it with all her overly-pierced and tattooed grandchildren. (With a name like Vurma, it even sounds like a grandmother.)

It was Sunday morning the first time I stumbled in from a bright and freezing Stockholm to the warm ambiance of the cafe, and something about the juxtaposition of red brothal-type lighting, big plate-glass windows and colorful bar stools made me like it instantly.

Though the staff looked too cool to move, they were incredibly friendly and offered to customize our coffees and bring us warm cinnamon buns followed by a full brunch with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. The girl with the sides of her head shaved and a full sleeve tattoo brought us our coffees in cut-glass, Scotch tumblers and poured for us tall glasses of water flavored with our choice of cucumbers, oranges, bell peppers or lemons. For being so punk, the place was decidedly homey, and when she learned we had a fashion and lifestyle blog, she happily ushered baby strollers and extra chairs out of the way so we could take photos.

Vurma was a very interesting combination of decades, ambiance and clientele, and since I love interesting combinations, it became my go-to place for a warm drink and place to jot down notes.

Next time I’m here (hopefully without Gucci-boot-ruining snow drifts), I’m going to make sure I swing by after dark when Vurma apparently turns into a hopping night bar with live music.



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