Killing Vampires in French Silk

Recently, Pedro Zozaya photographed A Welcome Guest’s Caitlin Andrews for Spanish Vogue.

See the article here.

It may be flimsy, but it’s presence, overwhelming on every runway, in every magazine and on every rack, makes for hundreds of ways to implement transparency in your own wardrobe. At first, these emperor’s clothes might seem too “out there,” but I encourage you to try them.  Whether you wear the red bra and see-through cardigan from Josefin Strid’s A/W 2011 collection, the transparent trousers in Cheap Monday’s newest line, or your own invention (like my tailor-made skirt, shown above), the sheer trend can go in any direction you choose–from an eyebrow-raising, nipple-showing turtleneck to a modest(ish) long skirt with legs clothed in wool tights.

I’ve always been a pushover for long, flowing gowns, and after falling in love with a piece of gorgeous French silk at a fabric shop in Bali, I decided to have something made, something versatile that I could pair with a plethora of different tops and shoes.  This skirt goes from daytime to evening, from sexy and risky to feminine and demure.

When I wear this outfit, I become a cross between a fainting Jane Austin character and a powerfully edgy heroine–maybe an international spy who kills vampires. (I didn’t say it made any sense, it’s just who the skirt turns me into… in my head.)

It’s not easy to change  jobs or fix problems, but if I can change personalities with a long piece of silk in the wind… In fact, I think it’s time I go fall in love with a new piece of something sheer. Maybe this time I’ll go “Mad Men” with crinoline.


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