Carrying It With You

Once upon a time there was a woman who never stayed anywhere very long. She loved beautiful things and hated the idea of missing anything, so she lived out of suitcases, and people called her “adventurous”, “unleashed”, “crazy” and “not everyone’s cup of tea” (which she always thought was a very kind way of saying they didn’t like her).

After eleven years of traveling the woman didn’t have a home, but she had her own skin, and so she wore a pair of earrings given to her on her wedding day and a watch bought four years later the day of her divorce.

She wore two rings: one that had been given to her mother by her grandfather before it had been given to the woman, and one ring that used to belong to a stranger before her ex-boyfriend bought it for her the day they broke up.

Everyday the woman wore the same pair of her sister’s hand-me-down purple gloves regardless if they matched her coat or not because she loved her sister and her hands were always cold.

The sweater dress was given to her by her friend who designed it for the clothing line Indah, and she wound a hand-woven green scarf round and round her neck so that she would stay warm and remember the beautiful hiking trip she took by herself in Sweden when she jumped in the frozen lake naked and learned to walk on water.

When the woman, with her home on her back like a snail, walked alone through the borrowed apartment she was accompanied by memories. She could smell the people she loved and hear their laughter, and thought that one day she might just settle down, find a closet in which to hang her clothes and a storage space where her suitcase could peacefully gather dust, then she would like to invite those people over and hear their real laughter and smell their real friendship and for once in her life, try out what it would be like to be bored… and smiling.


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  1. Alana
    Posted February 24, 2011 at 3:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    And then you’d have a wall on which to hang photos of your adorable nephews. 🙂

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