On-The-Go Chic

Meet Luisa, quickly now because she’s in a great hurry and worried about something, something she carries in the crease between her eyes and the constant movement of her tongue. She barely has a moment, so use it to notice how a seemingly thrown-together outfit is actually a carnival of intentional contrasts. Relaxed and battered jeans hover above dress socks and prim loafers. A white undershirt peeks out from beneath a cropped, cashmere turtle neck, and a classic pea coat frames a long gold medallion.

Her lack of earrings, missing belt, beat-up jeans and white undershirt could have pushed Luisa over the slouchy/sloppy edge, yet her style is unquestionably chic with the addition of Ray-Bans, jewelry, popped collar and rolled jeans. It says, “I did this on purpose, and I feel good… but please, now I have more important things to do”.


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