A Colorful Couple

When I see interesting people on the street I often think how I’d like to invite them to dinner, but when I saw this couple outside the Abbesses metro station in Montmartre I didn’t think that I wanted to meet them, I thought that I wanted to meet her closet. I bet it’s really large. Perhaps she even sleeps in her closet while using her bedroom as an armoire (something I would do).

Her outfit is  a smorgasbord of colorful, draping, interesting, vintage threads, and to do this she must have quite the selection. I imagine that some of it she’s pilfered from her grandmother, other pieces have been carefully selected from the numerous vintage shops in the area, and still others she picks up on her travels, because yes, I think she’s the kind of girl who travels, probably with a set of matching, vintage trunks.


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