Behind Our Scenes

The problem is, you can dress me up in Sergio Rossi boots, a black wool dress by Komodo and makeup by MAC, but you just can’t take me anywhere and expect me to behave.

I try to act cool, I really do, but then there I am squatting on the floor at the end of the Cheap Monday runway when Frida Gustavson struts out, and I almost stand up and shout, “Dude, why didn’t you TELL me you were going to walk this show?” (I always use the word dude when I get over excited, which is yet another reason you can’t take me anywhere).

Thankfully, I didn’t stand up with my hands on my hips, or even throw my pen at her. I managed to control myself, shoot a halfway decent video, and enjoy the collection before going backstage.

Apparently, Frida didn’t know I was going to be in Stockholm either, so it was the age-old story of crossed wires–ironic as we’re both so digitally connected, we should be sponsored by Apple (it sure would make my life cheaper).

We hugged like normal people and we chatted like normal women with male drama and housing issues–I even kept the swearing at a minimum. So all was going pretty well, but then she told me to put on one of the extra hair pieces from the show.

So there we were, hamming it up like we were seven years old, being slightly loud and silly, when I remembered that normal people don’t prance around wearing long, metallic-tube-ribbony things on their head. Crap. It was too late. I had blown my cover, and no amount of plain black clothing could cover the fact that I’m just a little weird.

By the way, a very special thanks to Aaron Eklof for emailing me the photo on the bottom. Have a look at his tumbler site by clicking here.



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